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Big Red Communications makes connecting with the world simple. We can often provide high-speed, competitively priced wireless Internet access to rural communities that have had trouble accessing the internet otherwise.

It's FAST!

We can deliver speeds comparable or faster than most cable and DSL providers. Our robust network is backed by multiple Gigabit connections to the internet unlike many other providers who rely on one T1 line. Also, unlike cable or DSL modems your upload and download connection speeds can be the same and latency is generally much lower! This means we can offer faster more consistent connectivity!! We can also offer point to point connectivity across any of our coverage area and work with several other companies to provide cross connects between networks to provide private connectivity between locations. Call us today for a free quote and to see how we can meet your connectivity needs.

Static IP

You can be assigned a static IP address, which is useful for gaming as well as VPN, MS Netmeeting as well as other internet productivity software. Additional fee may apply.

Stay Connected

Big Red Communications wireless internet is competitively priced, with no hidden fees. In most cases we are the cheapest and fastest option, when compared to the rural internet brands that use satellite technology.

Greater Availability

Since it's wireless and not tied to existing cables, Big Red Communications can provide service to areas without previous access, such as rural communities and individuals.

No Extra Phone Line

Big Red Communications doesn't require you to have a separate phone line. Our service is accessed via an antenna, and radio which plugs into a standard ethernet card usually already equipped in your computer!